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The following are publications developed under Task 19:

Solar Air Systems - A Design Handbook
December 2000 - Posted: 8/1/2008
Editor: R. Hastings
Publisher: Earthscan
This handbook guides architects and engineers through the process of designing and selecting one of the six active solar systems presented and optimizing that system. Tips also are given on construction and how to avoid problems.
ISBN: 1-873936-86-9
Order - 70.00 GBP
Solar Air Systems - Built Examples
August 1999 - Posted: 8/1/2008
Editor: R. Hastings
Publisher: Earthscan
This report documents the work of 17 experts from the diverse climates of nine countries in Europe and North America. Applications include single-family houses, apartment buildings, schools, gymnasiums, large industrial buildings and commercial buildings. The publication reports on six different types of solar air systems in 35 buildings.
ISBN: 1-873936-85-0
Order - 70.00 GBP
Solar Air Systems Product Catalogue
November 1998 - Posted: 8/1/2008
Editor: R. Hastings and H. Røstvik
Publisher: Earthscan
This catalogue is to inform building designers what components are available "off the shelf" for putting together a solar air system. Manufactured components or whole systems may be less expensive, more efficient and more reliable than custom-designed, site-built systems. The goal of this catalogue is therefore to prevent the wheel from being repeatedly reinvented.
ISBN: 1-873936-84-2

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