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Task 26
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The following are publications developed under Task 26:

Reports of Subtask A

A Calculation Model for Assessment of Reliability in Solar Combisystems
March 2003 - PDF 0.11MB - Posted: 1/1/2007
By: Peter Kovács
Changes on the Market Place since Task Beginning
February 2003 - PDF 0.5MB - Posted: 1/1/2007
By: Jean-Marc Suter
Library of References on Solar Combisystems
December 2002 - PDF 0.12MB - Posted: 1/1/2007
By: Peter Kovács
Validation and Background Information on the FSC Procedure
December 2002 - PDF 1.01MB - Posted: 1/1/2007
By: Thomas Letz
Stagnation Behaviour of Solar Thermal Systems
November 2002 - PDF 0.31MB - Posted: 1/1/2007
By: R. Hausner, C. Fink

Reports of Subtask B

Direct Characterisation Test Procedure for Solar Combisystems - 5th Draft
March 2003 - PDF 0.46MB - Posted: 1/1/2007
By: H. Visser, D. Naron
European Test Facilities for Solar Combisystems and Heat Stores
December 2002 - PDF 0.41MB - Posted: 1/1/2007
By: H. Drück, P. Kovács, R. Morlot, H. Visser, P. Vogelsanger
Validation of the CTSS Test Procedure by In-Situ Measurements
December 2002 - PDF 0.21MB - Posted: 1/1/2007
By: Henner Kerskes
Development of the Direct Characterisation Test Procedure for Solar Combisystems
December 2002 - PDF 0.18MB - Posted: 1/1/2007
By: D. Naron, H. Visser
A Solar Collector Model for TRNSYS Simulation and System Testing
December 2002 - PDF 0.13MB - Posted: 1/1/2007
By: Bengt Perers and Chris Bales
Performance Testing of Solar Combisystems
Comparison of the CTSS with the ACDC Procedure
November 2002 - PDF 0.19MB - Posted: 1/1/2007
By: Harald Drück, Stephan Bachmann
The Concise Cycle Test Method
A Twelve Day System Test
November 2002 - PDF 0.15MB - Posted: 1/1/2007
By: Peter Vogelsanger
Hot Water Performance of Solar Combistores
November 2002 - PDF 0.3MB - Posted: 1/1/2007
By: Harold Drück, Stephan Bachmann
Description of a test method and the experience gained with the application of the method on three different types of combistores
Combitest - Initial Development of the AC/DC Test Method
October 2002 - PDF 0.29MB - Posted: 1/1/2007
By: Chris Bales

Reports of Subtask C

Analysis of System Reports of Task 26 for Sensitivity of Parameters
February 2007 - PDF 1.44MB - Posted: 3/21/2008
By: Wolfgang Streicher and Richard Heimrath
This report summarizes the simulation results of nine solar combisystems. The systems were analyzed indepth using the same reference conditions and the same simulation tool. System optimization was achieved using sensitivity analysis with three target functions based on fractional energy savings.
Structure of the Reference Buildings of Task 26
April 2003 - PDF 0.24MB - Posted: 1/1/2007
By: Wolfgang Streicher, Richard Heimrath
Report on Solar Combisystems Modelled in Task 26
System Description, Modelling, Sensitivity, Optimisation
April 2003 - PDF 0.25MB - Posted: 1/1/2007
By: W. Streicher, C. Bales, J. Bony, D. Chèze, K. Ellehauge, R. Heimrath, D. Jaehnig, P. Papillon, M. Peter, T. Pittet, L.J. Shah
Editor: Wolfgang Streicher

Industry Newsletters

Industry Newsletter #3
January 2003 - Posted: 1/1/2007
Industry Newsletter #2
September 2001 - Posted: 1/1/2007
Industry Newsletter #1
September 2000 - Posted: 1/1/2007

Proceedings of the Industry Workshops

Oslo Norway - April 8, 2002
April 2002 - PDF 4.92MB - Posted: 1/1/2007
Rapperswil, Switzerland - October 10, 2001
October 2001 - PDF 2.26MB - Posted: 1/1/2007
Delft, The Netherlands - April 2, 2001
April 2001 - PDF 2.21MB - Posted: 1/1/2007
Espoo, Finland - October 9, 2000
October 2000 - PDF 2.47MB - Posted: 1/1/2007
Borlänge, Sweden - April 3, 2000
April 2000 - PDF 0.67MB - Posted: 1/1/2007
Stuttgart, Germany - October 4, 1999
October 1999 - PDF 0.37MB - Posted: 1/1/2007

Proceedings of the IEA Workshop Legionella

Delft, The Netherlands - October 4-5, 2001
October 2001 - PDF 0.81MB - Posted: 1/1/2007


Solar Heating Systems for Houses – A Design Handbook for Solar Combisystems
November 2003 - Posted: 1/1/2007
Editor: Werner Weiss
The book summarises all results of Task 26. In 13 chapters, it focuses on heat demand of buildings, different system designs and built examples, building-related aspects like space requirements of the systems and architectural integration of collector arrays, performance as well as durability and reliability of solar combisystems, and last but not least, dimensioning and testing of solar combisystems.

This book can be ordered from:
James and James (Science Publishers) Ltd.
8-12 Camden High Street
London NW1 0JH, UK
ISBN: 1-902916-46-8
Order - $75.00 USD
Solar Heating Systems for Houses – A Design Handbook for Solar Combisystems

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