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Simulation Program Validation Using Domestic Hot Water System Data
August 1982
By: Ove Jorgensen, Technical University of Denmark
Document Number: 125

Instrumented Facilities Survey for Solar Assisted Low Energy Dwellings
February 1982
By: P. R. Rittelmann, Burt Hill Kosar Rittelmann Associates, U.S.A.
Document Number: DOE/NBM-2015158

Validation of Simulation Models Using Measured Performance Data from the Los Alamos Study Center
September 1981
By: James Hedstrom et al., Los Alamos National Laboratory, U.S.A.
Document Number: LA-9028-MS

June 1981
By: T. L. Freeman, Altas Corporation, U.S.A.
Document Number: I.4.1981

Reporting Format for Thermal Performance of Solar Heating and Cooling Systems in Buildings
February 1980
By: Per Isakson et al., Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
Document Number: D1:1980

Modelling and Simulation
October 1979
By: Ove Jorgensen, Technical University of Denmark
Document Number: 1

Data Requirements and Thermal Performance Evaluation Procedures for Solar Heating and Cooling Systems
August 1979
By: Elmer Streed, National Bureau of Standards, U.S.A.
Document Number: NP-5900015

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