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Edition: 1987

Konrad R. Schreitmüller
Institut für Solarenergieforschung
Sokelantstr. 5
D 3000 Hannover 1
Federal Republic of Germany

The on evacuated collector systems covered both experimental and analytical activities on various active solar energy systems, ranging from small domestic hot water to large industrial process heat and district heating plants. During the investigations strong experimental evidence was found that universal system characteristics of the respective installations exist, which may be used for "simplified modelling". Thus investigations of these characteristics were performed with the objective to generate them by analytical approach. Originally only the
so-called energy Input-/Output-Diagrams were considered, which connect the thermal
output of the system with the daily or monthly incident radiation sum. However, in the
course of the investigations it was shown that similar characteristics exist for various
other values such as solar fraction, maximum temperature, auxiliary and parasitic
energy, and others. It has been furthermore shown that for the ample determination
of system characteristics complex and detailed models are needed. Thus the originally
chosen term of "simplified" models was replaced by "mathematically condensed"
ones, as those models condense the information to a few elementary equations.

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