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Recent Advances in Pyranometry

Author: D. Wardle, D. C. McKay, Atmospheric Environment Service, Canada
Edition: June 1986
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Proceedings of the Symposium held at the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute, Norrkopping, Sweden, January 1984


Validation of Models for Estimating Solar Radiation on Horizontal Surfaces

Authors: D.C. McKay, et al., Atmospheric Environment Service, Canada
Edition: June 1988
Document #: IEA/SHCP/9B/1
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Calculation of Solar Irradiances for Inclined Surfaces: Verification of Models which Use Hourly and Daily Data

Authors: J. E. Hay, University of British Columbia and D.C. McKay, Atmospheric
      Environment Service, Canada
Edition: June 1988
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Techniques for Supplementing Solar Radiation Network Data, Volumes 1-3

Authors: A. Zelenka, et al., Swiss Meteorological Institute
September 1992
Report #: IEA-SHCP-9D-1
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Solar radiation data is required for resource assessment, simulation model development and validation, system design and evaluation, collector testing, and other activities in the field of solar energy research and application. And, spatially continuous mapping of solar radiation is needed to properly obtain this data. This report focuses on techniques for estimating solar radiation received on the earth's surface at locations between network sites, using both measured and modeled data.


Solar Radiation Statistical Properties

Authors: R. Festa and C. Ratto, University of Genoa, Italy
Edition: August 1992
Report #: IEA-SHCP-9E-4
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This technical report discusses the main results achieved over the last 30 years on this topic.


IEA Comparison of Longwave Radiometers

Author: K. Dehne, Meteorological Observatory Hamburg, et al.
Edition: July 1993
Report #: IEA-SHCP-9F-3
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This technical report summarizes the findings from the testing of eight measuring systems--six pyrgeometers and two pyrradiometers.


IEA Comparisons of Global Solar Radiation Reference Radiometers

Authors: L. Liedquist, et al., Swedish National Testing and Research Institute
March 1995
Report #: IEA-SHCP-9F-4
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In solar energy research the ability to accurately measure the incoming solar irradiance level is important. This report presents the findings from two studies which compared three reference instruments to verify the 1% uncertainty and also to assess the state-of-the-art.


Using Pyranometers in Tests of Solar Energy Convertors: Step-by-step Instructions

Authors: L.B.J. McArthur, et al., Atmospheric Environment Service, Canada
Edition: November 1995
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This report offers a step-by-step guide to the measurement of global solar radiation for the purpose of determining the efficiency of flat plate solar collectors. Comprehensive instructions are provided for each stage of the procedure, including where to obtain instrument responsivities and how to install and operate pyranometers and their data acquisition systems. It is assumed the reader has some technical expertise in collector installation and operations, but not necessarily familiar with the measurement of solar radiation.


Improved Measurement of Solar Irradiance by Means of Detailed Pyranometer Characterisation

Authors: D.I. Wardle, et al., Atmospheric Environment Service, Canada
April 1996
Report #: IEA-SHCP-9C-2
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The focus of the work is on determining the effects of factors other than irradiance on the signals from pyranometers, which is the meaning of characterisation in the context of pyranometery. Results from eleven laboratories on nearly thirty pyranometers of seven types have been examined.

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