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Task 21

Publications and Outcomes

Results for Building designers and industry

Through the Task several workshops have been organized with participation from practitioners and the Task participants. ADELINE workshops have been organized in Australia, Canada, Germany, and the Netherlands. Workshops on the use of the protocols described in Monitoring Daylight Performance in Real Buildings (including POEs) were arranged in Canada and Germany. The workshops have proven to be an effective way of communication from the Task to 'the market' and to get feedback during the research and development phase.

The Main deliverables of the Task

SUBTASK A: Performance evaluation of daylighting systems


Survey of Architectural Daylight Solutions (IBUS)

Daylight Monitoring Protocol (NRC / IRC Canada SBI/TUD)

Measurement of luminous characteristics of daylighting materials (TUB)

Source Book on daylighting systems and components (LBNL)

Document on test room facilities (SBI)

Scale model measurements on daylighting systems (EPFL)

Daylighting Systems Data Base (TUB)

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SUBTASK B: Daylight responsive lighting control systems


Daylight Monitoring Protocol (NRC / IRC Canada SBI/TUD)

Application Guide for Daylight Responsive Control Systems (TNO et al.)

Database of daylight responsive lighting control system (TUB)

Introduction Brochure to Application Guide

Case studies of daylight responsive lighting control systems




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SUBTASK C: Daylighting design tools

Validation of daylighting design tools (ENTPE)

Applicability of daylighting computer modeling in real case studies (NRC)


Daylight simulation: Methods, algorithms, and resources (LBNL)

Survey of simple design tools (FhG-IBP)

Methodology of Atria tool (EMPA)

Adeline 3.0 and brochure (FhG-IBP)

Results of Subtask C: Daylighting Design Tools (FhG-IBP)


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SUBTASK D: Daylight in Buildings, Case Studies

Daylight Monitoring Protocol (NRC / IRC Canada SBI/TUD)

POE Procedures and results

Daylight in buildings � 15 monitored case study

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International Conference

Since 1997 the Task 21 activities have been presented at the most relevant international conferences:

International Seminar: Daylight in Buildings

Sydney, Australia, November 1995

NB96, Nordic Lighting Conference

Stockholm, Sweden, 1996

Lux Europa

Amsterdam, April 1997

Building Simulation '97

Prague, Czech Republic 


Lausanne, Switzerland, October 1997

Right Light 4

Copenhagen, November 1997


Firenze, Italy April 1998


Freiburg, Germany, Sept. 1996

CIE Symposium on Lighting Quality

Ottawa, May 1998

International Daylighting Conference, IDC �98

Ottawa, Canada, May 1998


Slovenia, September 1998

CIE, 24th Session (Commission Internationale d�Eclairage)

Warsaw, Poland, June 1999

EuroSun 2000, June 2000

Copenhagen, Denmark

The total number of presentations of the Task 21 work through reports, articles, papers, etc., are several hundreds. In all the participants presented over 70 speeches, more than 90 lectures, 60+ papers at congresses and symposia, over 30 articles in journals and more than 40 national reports.


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