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Task 26


A: System Survey and Dissemination of Task Results

The objective of Subtask A is to present to a wide audience various solar combisystems designs and their figures or merits, so as to increase the penetration of good solar combisystems on the market. The production of a yearly newsletter, targetted at the solar industry, a colour brochure presenting existing and new solar combisystems and the preparation of a handbook on solar combisystems are the main results of this Subtask.

Subtask Lead Country: Switzerland

B: Development of Performance Test Methods and Numerical Models for Combisystems and their Components

The objective of Subtask B is to provide reliable means for evaluating and comparing different solar combisystem components and designs. This objective will be achieved by selecting existing performance test methods for evaluating, rating and comparing elements of solar combisystems, or developing new procedures, and by providing component numerical models needed to assess performances during tests as well as models for systems needed to stimulate and optimise system configurations.

Subtask Lead Counrty: The Netherlands

C: Optimisation of Combisystems for the Market

The objective of Subtask C is to enhance existing solar combisystem designs through optimisation based on simulation models of the systems and to help industry to develop new system designs that can improve thermal and economical performances and durability. Aspects such as reliability will also be considered.

Subtask Lead Country: Austria

Results of the joint activity will include:

  • an overview of the existing solar combisystems
  • an optimisation tool for solar combisystems
  • a test method for solar combisystems as a proposal to the standardization bodies CEN and ISO
  • an annual industry newsletter
  • a colour brochure presenting solar combisystems
  • a handbook of good designs and practices for solar combisystems


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