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Task 27


The work in Task 27 is carried out in the framework of three subtasks:

  • Subtask A: Performance (Lead Country: Netherlands)
  • Subtask B: Durability (Lead Country: Sweden)
  • Subtask C: Sustainability (Lead Country: France)

Subtask A:

  • A further developed coherent energy performance assessment methodology to enable comparison and selection of different products and to provide guidance for their assembly and integration into building envelope elements.
  • A structured data base of components and fašade elements to present data in a consistent and harmonised form, suitable for product comparison and selection and for simulation of performance in specific applications.
  • Recommended calculation and test methods for solar and thermal performance parameters in support of international standards development.

Subtask B:

  • A validated methodology for durability assessment of advanced solar building materials.
  • An estimation of the service lifetime based on degradation of performance for selected materials tested. Recommended standard test procedures for service life testing of selected materials and components.

Subtask C:

  • A review of international knowledge base, tools, actions and requirements related to glazing, windows and solar components.
  • An overview of the FMEA tool capabilities, adaptation to the field of glazing, windows and solar components, and guidelines for using it in the assessment of possible shortening/reduction of the service life.

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