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Task 33


Subtask A: Solar Process Heat Survey and Dissemination of Task Results

Subtask Lead Country: Italy
Subtask Leader: Riccardo Battisti, University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Italy

The objective of Subtask A is to provide a comprehensive description of the potential and the state-of-the-art of solar heat for industrial processes. The accumulated knowledge is disseminated to solar manufacturers, process engineers, installers and potential buyers (industry). This is done by publishing an annual industry newsletter, an information dossier and a handbook on solar process heat and by industry workshops throughout the duration of the Task.

Subtask B: Investigation of industrial energy systems

Subtask Lead Country: Austria
Subtask Leader: Prof. Hans Schnitzer, JOINTS, Austria

The objectives of Subtask B are to identify applications and the corresponding temperature levels of the processes and/or the energy utility system suitable for solar energy. Methodologies are investigated and developed to come to integrated solutions considering solar thermal, waste heat recovery and improvements in the processes and energy utility systems.

Subtask C: Collectors and Components

Subtask Lead Country: Germany
Subtask Leader: Matthias Rommel, Fraunhofer ISE, Germany

The objective of Subtask C is to develop, improve and optimise collectors, components and systems with a potential for integration in industrial processes with a temperature level up to 250°C. For a given application the most suitable collector technology has to be selected for process heat from uncovered collectors, (advanced) flat plate and vacuum-tube collectors to concentrating collectors.

Appropriate durability test tools will be applied to specific materials and components to allow the prediction of service life and to generate proposals for international standards.

Subtask D: System Integration and Demonstration

Subtask Lead Country: Germany
Subtask Leader: Klaus Hennecke, DLR, Germany

The main objective of Subtask D is to initiate pilot projects covering a broad variety of technologies in suitable applications representing a significant part of industrial process heat consumers (in terms of size, temperature levels, heat transfer media, load patterns, etc.). The operation of these plants shall be monitored for a representative period to provide feedback on the design and operation concept as a basis for future development and improvements.



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