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PV/T Examples

A number of PV/T collectors in different categories are commercially available. The collectors can be divided into the following categories:
  • PV/T liquid collector
  • PV/T air collector
  • PV/T concentrator
  • Ventilated PV with heat recovery

Several manufacturers have participated in the development, production and marketing of various PV/T collectors in all the above mentioned categories. However, the number of commercially available collectors is still limited and long-term experiences with operation of the collectors are scarce.

The PV/T liquid collectors can be subdivided into glazed and unglazed collectors. Several manufacturers have focused on commercialisation of glazed PV/T liquid collectors and a commercial product, PVTWIN, has recently become available in different sizes and materials from the Dutch manufacturer PVTWINS. The manufacturer also produces an unglazed PV/T collector. For some years, another unglazed PV/T collector, MSS® Multi solar panel, has been available from the Israeli manufacturer, Millenium Electric T.O.U. Ltd.

PV/T liquid collector - PVTWIN from PVTWINS.

Three commercial PV/T air collector manufacturers exist on the market today. The company, Grammer Solar GmbH (D), has two different products, TWINSOLAR and PV-Hybridkollektor. Aidt Miljų A/S Solar Heating (DK) markets the product SolarVenti, and Conserval Engineering, Inc. (CAN) has the products Solarwall and SolarRoof. Apart from the summer cottage market, the number of PV/T air collectors installed is very small.

PV/T air collector - SolarRoof from Conserval Engineering Inc.
mounted on Chewonki Center for Environmental Education, Wiscasset, Maine, USA.

For PV/T concentrators, there are three commercial manufacturers. Menova Energy Inc. (CAN) markets the Power-Spar one-axis tracking collectors available in different sizes and configurations, and the companies Arontis Solar Solutions (S) and HelioDynamics Ltd. (GB) market the tracking concentrators Solar8, and HarmonyTM HD211 respectively.

PV/T concentrator - Solar8 from Arontis Solar Solutions.

Various projects with PV/T systems in the category ventilated PV with heat recovery have been carried out. The systems typically have emerged from specific solutions for specific buildings, where the primary focus has been building integration of PV and where the need for ventilation of the PV-systems in order to maximise the electrical yield has been combined with utilisation of this heat for preheating of ventilation air, space heating or similar. Attempts have been made to standardise the design of such systems and one Italian manufacturer, Secco Sistemi, has a commercially available system, TIS.

Ventilated PV with heat recovery - TIS from Secco Sistemi mounted on
Centro Ricerche Fiat di Orbassano, Torino, Italy.

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