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Further Reading

September 2011
Plastik aufs Dach
By Sven Ullrich in Erneuerbare Energien 09-2011

April 2011
Fantastic plastics: revolution or devolution?

Sun & Wind Energy 4/2011

February 10, 2011
Role of polymers in the solar thermal industry
by Raffaele Piria, eclareon Management Consultants

February 25, 2011
Solar Heating and Cooling Needs New Materials
by Andrew Lee in "Renewable Energy World.com"

January 2011
Polymere Materialien für solarthermische Systeme
by Michael Köhl, Michaela Meir et al. in Erneuerbare Energie 01/2011

October 2010
Multiphysics Modeling Studies New Materials that could revolutionize Solar Energy
by Karl-Anders Weiss, Fraunhofer ISE published by COMSOl user cases 

December 2009
Kunststoffe unter der Sonne
von Michael Köhl, Michaela Meir et al. in Erneuerbare Energie 04/2009


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