Working Groups

The following Working Groups have been completed by participants of the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme:

  • Daylighting Research Group
    This web site makes the case for the provision of Quality Assurance systems online.
  • Central Solar Heating Plant with Seasonal Storage (CSHPSS)
    Their aim is to enhance the development of large-scale solar heating technologies.
  • Integrated Knowledge Based Solar Design Tool (ISOLDE)
    An extension of work on ISOLDE conducted under Task 11. The objective was to further develop ISOLDE into a product and distribute to architects, engineers and builders.
  • Materials in Solar Thermal Collectors
    An extension of work being conducted on solar collector absorbers in Subtask B of Task 10 (Solar Materials R&D).
  • Evaluation of Task 13 Houses
    Within the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling programme Task 13 "Advances Solar Low Energy Houses" resulted in 14 demonstration projects constructed in 12 countries.


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