TASK 55: Integrating Large SHC Systems into DHC Networks

The Task aims to develop technical and economic requirements for a commercial market introduction of solar district heating and cooling (DHC) in a broad range of countries.

IEA Solar Heating & Cooling Technology Collaboration Programme

The Solar Heating and Cooling Technology Collaboration Programme (SHC TCP) was established in 1977, one of the first programmes of the International Energy Agency, to promote the use of all aspects of solar thermal energy. The SHC TCP's work is unique in that it is accomplished through the international collaborative effort of experts from member countries and the European Union.

The benefits of this approach are:

  • accelerates the pace of technology development
  • promotes standardization
  • enhances national R&D programmes
  • permits national specialization
  • saves time and money

Collaborating Organizations

Thank you to all the participants from 48 countries for an inspiring and action-focused conference

Over 400 participants discussed  the  different  technological advances and applications  that  can  rapidly,  economically and efficiently lead  the world  to 100%  renewable energy meeting everyone’s end use  energy needs.”
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SHC 2019

SHC 2019 Attendees

What's New
  • How to reduce energy consumption in historic buildings? - Historic buildings make up 30 % of the European building stock and account for more than a third of the total energy consumption in the residential sector across the EU. However, architects and building owners are often lacking information about how to retrofit historic buildings while keeping their aesthetic and historic values intact. (Posted: 2020-03-02)
  • Using solar steam to clean wastewater - Manufacturers have begun looking for solutions to lower the cost of wastewater disposal. One way for them to reduce the volume of contaminated water is to evaporate water on site by using solar steam. (Posted: 2020-02-10)
  • UK Training Workshop on Renewable Heat for Heat Networks Held in December - In December, Triple Point Heat Networks Investment Management, in collaboration with the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling TCP, hosted a workshop in the UK on Renewable Heat for Heat Networks. (Posted: 2020-01-20)
  • Compact thermal energy storage: research in cycles - Research into compact thermal energy storage is made difficult by the fact that the performance of storage materials depends significantly on their intended purpose. For example, storage tanks that are integrated into space heating systems are made of materials different from those used to make tanks for process heat loops generating steam. (Posted: 2020-01-08)
  • Solar World Congress 2019 - Water and energy are the most important resources globally. The term ‘water-energy nexus’ underlines their close connection, and the phrase has become increasingly popular with international environmental organisations. In the interview carried out at the SHC 2019 conference in Santiago de Chile, (Posted: 2020-01-07)
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  • March 25 2020 PVT Webinar is also on YouTube here
  • March 25 2020: The PVT systems webinar is online !
  • March 25 2020 - A SHC ISES webinar on PVT systems ! - Task 60 experts will give a Webinar on PVT on March 2020 on internet. Exact time and how to attend will be communicated as soon as possible. Check also the ISES web site on Webinars ! There are other interesting topics discussed and the Webinars can also be seen online after the date.
  • A solar PVT DHW system studied in DK - The performance of the system was assessed using selected key performance indicators. A parametric analysis was performed identifying component sizes that improved the system’s performance. The improved system produced 55% more electricity, had 23% lower electric consumption and wasted 11% less heat by minimizing heat losses compared to the demonstration system. The improved system had a solar thermal fraction of 0.58, a solar electrical fraction of 1.51 and a renewable energy fraction of 0.75.
  • Publication: Impact of climate change on indoor environment of historic libraries in Mediterranean climate zone - NZEB Project Partners at the Izmir Institute of Technology have recently had an article published in the International Journal of Global Warming. It describes analysis of conditions in an historic library and how that might change with future climate change trends, and measures by which conservation conditions are maintained. Find the article via www.inderscienceonline.com/doi/abs/10.1504/IJGW.2019.101083
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Solar Heat Worldwide


Solar Heat WorldwideSolar Heat Worldwide 2019

The solar heating and cooling markets show a reversing trend. The majority of the largest markets outside of China saw demand increase for the first time since 2015.   -- Read More

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Solar Update

The December 2019 edition of the IEA SHC newsletter, Solar Update, is now available. This issue includes news on the SHC Solar Award 2019 Winner - SHC 2019 Conference Summary - Building Integrated Solar Envelopes - Best Practice Database for Retrofit of Historic Buildings - BIPV in Heritage Buildings - New Task on Solar Process Heat and Proposed Working Group on LCA + LCC - Solar Academy Onsite UK Training and Webinars - Country Highlight: South Africa - Member News: Portugal and Spain - 2019 Solar Thermal Trends -- View PDF - View Flipbook

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