Solar Heat Worldwide 2019

Solar Heat Worldwide

"Our annual statistics report, Solar Heat Worldwide, details the positive impact of solar heating and cooling technologies on climate protection. New to the 2019 edition is data on PV-Thermal technologies."
Daniel Mugnier, Chairman of IEA SHC Programme




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Key Findings from Solar Heat Worldwide

Global Capacity in Operation and Energy SuppliedSolar heat -- one of the top three renewable sources driving climate protection.

In 2018, solar thermal systems reached 480 GWth. This equates to 43 million tons of oil saved and 138 million tons of CO2 emissions avoided.


Lack of Policy Support

Since 2014 the annual growth rates of solar heat systems were far below the once from wind energy and photovoltaics which are supported technologies in far more countries worldwide. Policy support focusing on solar heat is needed to bridge this gap in future years.

Total Capacity in Operation vs Growth Rate

Growth Rae 2019Strong Growth Rates in Many of the Largest Solar Thermal Markets

In 2018 growth was reported from 10 of the top 20 countries worldwide, pointing to a turnaround in the solar thermal sector and a trend expected to continue in 2019.



A Record Number of Large Solar Heating Systems Commissioned in 2018

37 - the highest number of large-scale (>350 kWth) systems ever in a year - were commissioned in 2018. In total 339 large solar systems with almost two million m2 (1.35 GWth) provide heat for district networks or large buildings.

Number of Systems / Collector Area

PV Thermal Collector Graphic
A heat exchanger is put in the back of the PV cells so that water can be
heated by the PV-Thermal component -- Scheme: Dualsun

Over 1 Million PV-Thermal Systems Sold

PV-Thermal systems generate both solar heat and solar electricity, offering an increasingly popular solar option. Top countries for PV-Thermal were France, South Korea, China and Germany.




PV-Thermal used for a wide range of applications

Solar air systems dominate the PVT market mainly driven by France where almost all manufactured PVT collectors use air as heat transfer medium. Uncovered PVT collectors were mostly used for hot water preparation in single-family houses or commercial buildings.

PVT Systems

Solar Heat Worldwide in Brief

Solar Heat Worldwide is published on an annual basis since 2005. With data from 68 countries, it is the most comprehensive evaluation of solar heating and cooling markets worldwide. Lead authors are Werner Weiss und Monika Spoerk-Duer from the Austrian research institute AEE INTEC. Solar Heat Worldwide has a solid reputation as a reference source among international organizations including REN21 and International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). The study was again the main contributor for the solar heating and cooling chapters of REN21’s Renewable 2019 Global Status Report, which is one of the primary policy adviser reports on renewables.