Solar Academy - Green Expo 2016

Solar Academy Videos Recorded at the Green Expo Forum 2016

Videos by David Renne

International Collaboration: IEA and ISO Activities for Solar Thermal Energy / Think Green - Act Clean

Ken Guthrie, Chairman of IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme 

Solar Cooling Situation in the World and Underlining Perspectives 

Dr. Daniel Mugnier, TECSOL & IEA SHC

Economic Perspective of Solar-Thermal Systems

Michael Koehl, Fraunhofer Institute & IEA SHC

New Generation of Solar Cooling for Mena Region & the World

Dr. Daniel Mugnier, TECSOL & IEA SHC

Solrico - Global Solar Research & Communication Network Focusing on SHC Technology & Markets

Barbel Epp, Solico

Solar Heat Worldwide: Market Developments and Contributions to the Energy Supply

Werner Weiss, AEE - Institute for Sustainable Technologies Austria & IEA SHC

Solar Energy in Architecture and Urban Planning

Maria Wall, Lund University

Towards the Integration of Large Solar Heating and Cooling Systems into District Heating and Cooling Networks - IEA SHC Task 55

Sabine Putz, SOLID & IEA SHC

Recent Advances in Solar Resource Assessment and Forecasting to Support Industry

Dave Renne, President, International Solar Energy Society & IEA SHC

The Success and Challenges of Chinese Solar Thermal Market

He Tao, China Academy of Building Research & IEA SHC

Advanced Lighting Solutions for Retrofitting Buildings - IEA SHC Task 50 Results

Jan de Boer, Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics & IEA SHC