Other International Solar Sites

The following links are provided for your benefit, but a link here does not mean endorsement by IEA-SHC:

  • BUILD UP: The European Portal for Energy Efficiency in Buildings  
    The European portal for energy efficiency in buildings has recently launched its new website. The current site offers improved navigation, a new layout and mobile-friendly design.  BUILD UP, an initiative of the European Commission, is a comprehensive database of information. It covers news, events, case studies, webinars, links to publications, and other resources on energy efficiency in buildings. BUILD UP has recently launched its website with a live webcast on the latest findings of Concerted Action EPBD. You can post your organization’s news, events, publications, case studies, and the like. To submit content, please create a profile.  Find can BUILD UP at www.buildup.eu and on Twitter at @EU_BUILDUP. You can contact BUILD UP at pr@buildup.eu.  
  • Solar Heat Europe (ESTIF)                                                                                                                                                                                           Solar Heat Europe strives for the growth of solar heat solutions in Europe through different actions, such as advocating for better regulation or encouraging the EU policymakers to shape a fair context for heating and cooling solutions. With around 50 members in Europe, Solar Heat Europe represents directly or indirectly over 90% of the industry across the value chain.

  • Global Solar Thermal Energy Council - SolarThermalWorld.org 
    Solarthermalworld.org is a new and global knowledge-based web portal for solar thermal professionals. It offers the latest news and background information on the development of the international solar thermal sector. Key areas include among others: news and trends, incentive programmes, policies, technological trends and market analyses. If you wish to receive news on a regular basis, you can subscribe to the Solarthermalworld.org newsletter for free.

  • International Solar Energy Society (ISES)
    ISES is a non-profit global NGO relying on personal and corporate memberships and donations/grants to do its work.
  • Renewable Energy Focus | Current Issue
    The official magazine of the International Solar Energy Society (ISES)