END of Task 60

Posted: 2021-02-25

Task 60 has officially ended on Dec 31, 2020.

Task 60 has produced reports that you can find on thois web site,

We have covered : a survey of 30 existing PVT installations, worldwide statistics on PVT, method to measure PvT collectors, equations to describe PVT collector behaviour,  simulation tools for PVT explained and tested, KPIs dedicated to PVT systems where heat cold and elctricity can be produced, a comparison of some 20 PVT systems in the filed along those KPIs, a technology positiion paper, design guidelines for PVT collectors and numerous articles for conferences.

Task 60 has contributed to enhance the awareness of solutions with PVT technologie in various market segment, and the reliability of PVT installations.


The Operating Agent

JC Hadorn