Industry Workshop on Solar Process Heat

Posted: 2014-07-22

Industry Workshop on Solar Process Heat
September 24th 2014
Milano, Italy
Energy Department of Politecnico di Milano, building BL25, ground floor
(GoogleMaps: 45.503056, 9.156536)
Organized in the framework of the joint task of IEA SHC Task 49 and Solar Paces IV on “Solar Heat
Integration in Industrial Processes”

The Workshop

The workshop on “Solar Process Heat for Industry” will present the newest developments and
insights in the field of collector technology and solar thermal system integration in combination
with energy saving measures. Also experience with installed systems will play a major role.
Presentations from research institutions, technology suppliers and end consumers will lead to
an informative knowledge transfer.

Target Audience

The target audience of the workshop is producing companies, industry associations,
representatives of technology suppliers in the field of solar thermal and machineries, and energy


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