Experts Meeting 4

December 16, 2020, 1:00 - 4:00 PM CET

13:00  Welcome (Andreas Häberle and Tobias Hirsch)
            Introduction of new participants

13:15  Subtasks A, B, C (approx. 25 min per subtask)
            Subtask A: Integrated energy systems (Felix Pag, Ulrike Jordan)
            Subtask B: Modularisation (Eduardo Zarza)
            Subtask C: Simulation and design tools (José-Miguel Cardemil)

14:30  IRENA Cost Charts (Bärbel Epp)

14:50  Coffee break

15:00  Participation at EU Industry Week 2021 (Irene di Padua)

15:10  Subtasks D and E (approx. 25 min per subtask)
            Subtask D: Standardization/Certification (Vassiliki Drosou)
            Subtask E: Guideline to market (Peter Nitz, Jürgen Fluch)

16:00  End of the meeting

Meeting Contact

Andreas Häberle