Solar Award 2015

The Green Brewery Göss wins the International Energy Agency Solar Heating Programme (IEA SHC) SHC SOLAR AWARD. Brewery Göss has taken the path-breaking decision to use renewable energy for all its processes and now runs a 100% renewable energy production process. The Master Brewer, Mr. Andreas Werner, received the award on behalf of the brewery at Gleisdorf SOLAR 2016 in Gleisdorf, Austria.

“This year’s SHC Solar Award recognizes a private sector company that is contributing to the expansion and improvement of solar thermal technology through the application in their business. The recipient, Green Brewery Göss, is a corporate leader, showing the world what is possible”, said Ken Guthrie, chairman of the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme (IEA SHC).

The IEA SHC Solar Award is given to an individual, company, or private/public institution that has shown outstanding leadership or achievements in the field of solar heating and cooling, and that supports the work of the IEA SHC. With this year’s award, the IEA SHC recognizes not only a company applying solar thermal to produce a product, but also a company that runs a 100% renewable energy production process. The production of Austria’s most popular beer is now 100% carbon neutral. 

From left to right: Doug McClenahan, Rudolf Führer, Ken Guthrie, Andreas Werner, Werner Weiss, Christoph BrunnerFrom left to right: Doug McClenahan, Rudolf Führer, Ken Guthrie, Andreas Werner, Werner Weiss, Christoph Brunner

Facts On The World's First Major Green Brewery

Solar thermal is contributing to the brewery’s CO2 emissions-free manufacturing. A large solar thermal collector array of just over 1,500 m2 supports the mashing process to produce over 1 million hl of its solar brewed beer. Close to 40% of the brewery’s heat requirement is met from waste heat discharged from the neighboring Mayr Melnhof sawmill, and 90% of the waste heat generated in the brewing process is used to heat water. This means that beer production at Göss is completely carbon-neutral. In addition, a new type of boiling system used during the brewing process helps to save electricity and water. The energy generated from brewery residues is used to generate steam and any excess volumes converted into electricity. And, the residue from the fermentation process is used as a high-quality fertilizer. The Göss brewery is a shining example of Brau Union Österreich's commitment to sustainability. 

Corporate Social Responsibility – A Key Priority For Brau Union Austria

Brau Union Österreich has set itself the goal of creating the best beer culture for the future and also of providing Austria with a beer culture that meets all social and ecological challenges. Brau Union Österreich sells more than 5 million hl of beer a year – with fourteen leading beer brands and more than 100 beer varieties. Brau Union Österreich is an innovation leader and represents international premium brands such as Heineken, Desperados and Affligem, national top brands such as Gösser or Zipfer and regional brands such as Puntigamer, Kaiser, Schwechater, Schladminger, Reininghaus or Wieselburger. It goes without saying that Brau Union Österreich attaches great importance to the best raw materials, the highest quality and sustainable production – with our environment and society as a whole in mind. Brau Union Österreich has been a part of the international Heineken Family since 2003.